Many chronic diseases are associated with a build up of toxins within the body. A variety of medical foods and herbal medicine are utilized to assist all of the body’s detoxification pathways.  With proven testing protocols we can accurately document your body’s toxin status, tissue health, blood sugar management, kidney health, liver health, digestive capacity and anti-oxidant status. Improving detoxification may be as simple as changing your diet, water intake and exercise level. Or, in more complex situations, you may need a complete detoxification, rebuilding and revitalization program. Whatever your needs, we have the expertise to guide you and to measure your progress. Our services are comprehensive and patient specific.

Below are the 5 Most Common Detoxification Protocols

Estrogen Detox – This detox addresses hormone imbalances. It is now widely documented that estrogens and xenoestrogens have permeated our environment. Xenoestrogens are not chemically the same as estrogen but have estrogenic effects in the body. Some examples of xenoestrogens are synthetic xenoestrogens which are widely used in industrial compounds, such as PCBs, BPA and phthalates. Pharmaceutical xenoestrogens are also widespread and include the birth control pill and hormone replacement therapy. Years of exposure to these chemicals have been linked to many chronic diseases including cancer of the breast in females and the prostate in males. Therefore, an estrogen detox is recommended for both sexes. Symptoms of hormone imbalance-Females (PMS, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats) Males (Low Testosterone, Prostate Conditions, Lack of Motivation)

Estrogen Detox – Instructions and Recipes

Anti-Inflammatory Detox – Inflammation was called “The Secret Killer” by Time Magazine. Inflammation is the bodies natural response to tissue injury. However, when there is chronic low grade inflammation over many years, the immune system tires and this can set the stage for chronic disease. Chronic lifestyle diseases include many forms of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Chronic inflammation is driven primarily through lifestyle choices. Undetected food sensitivities, chronic infections, tobacco use and poor dietary choices are the primary drivers of chronic inflammation. Symptoms of Chronic Inflammation (Fatigue, IBS, Skin Conditions, Arthritis) Use the Anti-Inflammatory Detox to kick start a lifestyle change!

Anti-Inflammatory- Instructions and Recipes

Blood Sugar Detox – Blood sugar disorders are pandemic in America. The rates of obesity have skyrocketed and it is now estimated that 50% of the children born in this generation will become diabetic. Highly processed foods that contain little nutritional value are at the root of blood sugar disorders. Recent research also indicates that blood sugar fluctuations affect hormone and cognitive function. Therefore, many psychiatric conditions(anxiety, depression) can be supported with blood sugar stabilization programs. So if your goal is to lower your blood sugar, lose weight (high insulin causes fat storage), improve mental cognition, or just simply feel better, the Blood Sugar Detox is for you! Symptom of Unstable Blood Sugar (Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue after Meals)

Blood Sugar Detox – Instructions and Recipes

Weight Loss Detox – Whether your goal is to kick start a massive weight loss program or just lose a few pounds before Summer, the Weight Loss Detox is your pick! Weight loss follows healthy lifestyle choices and this detox will get you on track. The medical food used in the Weight Loss Detox is sweetened with Stevia to keep the sugar intake low for optimal weight loss. This detox is also helpful for patients with Metabolic Syndrome and elevated cholesterol.

Weight Loss Detox – Instructions and Recipes

Liver Detox – The liver is the primary detoxification organ in the body and performs over 700 known functions! Keeping the liver healthy is vital to healthy aging. Cleansing the liver with the Liver Detox is a good preventative measure once a year. If there are other symptoms of low liver function such as toxic symptoms, chemotherapy exposure, exposure to chemicals, more liver detoxes may be indicated and the patient should consult with their healthcare provider.

Liver Detox- Instructions and Recipes


Have your weight loss efforts left you frustrated?

Discover Two Proven Ways to Clear Your Hurdle

Weight Loss and Toxicity

Body fat is a storage tank for toxins. Therefore, if you have tried losing weight and have struggled despite drastically lowering caloric intake, you are most likely toxic. If burning fat means releasing these toxins into the bloodstream, the body will resist burning fat. In other words, the resulting toxic load would be too damaging to other tissues. At Dynamic Chiropratic & Natural Medicine, we always support detoxification with weight loss programs and can help you discover if toxicity is standing in the way of your weight loss goals. Use the online scheduling link to schedule your weight loss consultation today!

Homeopathic hCG Diet

Initially, one may think that the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone therapy treatment seems to be an unrealistic and magical cure shedding abnormal fat and for conquering obesity. In truth, homeopathic hCG drops are a powerful supplement in achieving weight loss. These drops are hormone free but simulate the action of hCG in the body. The drops are taken under the tongue and their purpose in weight loss is to alleviate hunger while following a strict and very lean low calorie diet. If the dieter thoroughly adheres to the hCG protocol, as developed by Dr. Simeons, successful and dramatic weight loss may be sustained. Dieters can expect to lose approximately one half pound to two full pounds of body fat each day! Since the hCG diet is a low calorie diet, we monitor our patients weekly to ensure results and safety. Weekly body composition analyses are conducted to monitor progress. Contact us or schedule your hCG diet consultation online today! Homeopathic hCG kits (NutrahCG) can be purchased through the online store.