Metabolic/Food Allergy Testing

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a non-invasive procedure testing muscle strength to assess dysfunction of the body.  It is a way to tune in to the body’s energy system.  A dysfunction in the body will generally cause a muscle to go weak. Different foods can help assist in diagnosis. If a body system is functioning at its peak the muscle should be strong. Applied Kinesiology in the hands of a skilled practitioner can be very accurate, fast and inexpensive.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a non-invasive and systematic approach to healthcare that addresses the underlying cause of all types of acute and chronic health issues. This systematic approach is patient-centered which differs from traditional disease-centered medical practice. Our bodies are amazing machines with many complex systems that work together and interact with one another. With this understanding Dr. Schilling is able to take a deep look into acute and chronic issues. He assesses a patient as a whole person rather than focusing on a set of isolated symptoms. Dr. Schilling seeks to find the root cause of dysfunction.  He develops individual treatment plans that are unique and specific to each patient. Through nutritional and lifestyle modifications, specific food sensitivity testing, and organ testing we can eliminate acute or chronic infections and restore overall health. This approach can be very beneficial for long term health and preventative care.